I never was a fan of the Basketball Star…

Hmm. Honest words. Too harsh? No. I never was a fan of a Sports Star, a super athlete in this country. Simply, I didn’t grow up here nor with the sports. In Germany, there are some athletes I like but its not like I am sill informed, after 14 years of abstinence, who is popular or not. All I am trying to say is I can understand people having such idols and hero figures.

However, Kobe Bryant. This accident has been on my mind since I learned about it this past sunday. It totally shook me. Not being into Basketball of any sort, I find a decent human being, trying to change the world, or many worlds for many individuals through good actions,admirable beyond measure. I salute you. Not being into basketball I am still somewhat aware of his status just because for who he became over the many years in his line of work, and his charity, the duties he took serious as a human being in the public eye.

From the little I know about a man and the history he has, to the fact that he was a major Difference Maker, a Father, a Child, a Brother, a Husband….but yes!! Difference Maker!! For so many…. I am absolutely devastated. For his wife and family, his parents, his friends… I keep thinking about my grandfather having to bury my mother, his daughter, on his 74th birthday. His birthday didn’t matter, it was the fact that he was supposed to be going home before her. Koby Bryants wife; not even 40, being a widow, having to lay her husband and daughter to rest, she was merely a teenager. I think of the child I used to babysit as a teen. She got killed in a car accident at the age of just 16. The siblings, these girls, loosing a sister and their father at the same time. I think of his team mates, his fans…people that knew way more detail about him than I probably ever will. People loosing a hero, a person to look up to. A Difference Maker! A difference maker in so many different worlds.

He was 41. We try to do good. We try to be better for ourselves or others. We fight fights others don’t know about….We just live life. We let live. Yet, what is it really we are leaving behind? A family, friends, acquaintances, people…people that know us, think they know us, want to know us, heard about us…but ultimately, what footprint are we leaving behind? For our fellow humans, the upcoming generations? It isn’t really only our children, our families, our friends or acquaintances. There are so many people watching we don’t even know. Especially with social media nowadays. You know what is so devastating?! We know it can be over with a blink of an eye, but how much are we really aware of it? How much do we realize this fact? I am turning 40, I am healthy, I like to think I do well for myself…but what am I leaving behind? What have I left behind if my time comes when, and this is mostly the case, not anticipated?! Did I make a difference? What does my footprint, my track look like? Am I content with it?

The other day a lady was driving like a maniac, doing crazy passing manouvers, totallying a vehicle ,being ejected from her own vehicle, catapulted through the air, dead on impact. Was it necessary? Was it worth it? Maybe she thought of things like ‘hmm, how will the day go after work, how can I schedule in a productive way, what should I make the kids for dinner’. She never made it to work, she never made it back home that day. Just kinda like going to a basketball game with your child. Maybe thoughts would go a little like this ‘we can play a game of ball with your sisters when we get home’, or ‘tonight i’ll give my wife a good backrub cause she deserves it’ -just to never make it home. Unplanned. Unexpected. Gone. And for so many others the world needs to keep turning – somehow in a very surreal and unexplainable painful way.

I am baffled, hurt and devastated. Not for a super star basketball player. But for a human that left a footprint that creates ripples. Ripples to people that aren’t sports fans, ripples to people that didn’t know him. Inspiration, Encouragement, Soul…He was a difference maker leaving beauty in the world for many. He left a great footprint. A forever lasting track…Now it’s a butterfly effect. I want to be a Difference Maker…

May they both sleep peaceful!

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