Dear feral She, please come out and play with Her.

The First New Moon. New Year. New Decade.
Reevaluating. Intentions. New something. Ending. Beginning. Close. Open. Change. Live. Die. Live. Turn.
Since this is going to be a wild ride; Dear Wild- we need assistance! With, according to the moon and it’s fixed star, NEW as in every aspect: Positive, Negative, Emotional, Unexpecting, Unpredicting to Re/Building, Re/Inventing…many, many good changes in the long run -there should be plenty to write about. Let’s get this show on the road and challenge, how frequently I will keep up with this blog( I really want to stick with it, I just need to work on my lack of self- discipline next to all the other stuff just happening with a household of six, and some),but also, how loud we can howl together to call awake Her. She. The inner Wild Woman. We must take advantage of ALL happening, coming, Now. The WHOLE. The situations being provided to us to cause a shift for ourselves, which in turn creates the ripple to shift the whole [fill in what suits you and Her]. Ultimately, for the better. Emphasize lies on ultimately. We luckily don’t harvest what we plant the same day…

The other day I had a conversation with my daughter. She questioned something I have been carrying with me for 10 years. She is 11. She made a choice I never wanted part of. I wasn’t. She concluded everything she has observed over the years and followed her gut. There it was. Her inner Wilder. Her inner voice. Intuition. She went with it- right over wrong for her own sake. Not choosing what is expected from her. Not the emotional and mental consequences – good or not so good. I am looking at ‘Her’ through totally different eyes as of this point.

I have been trying to focus more- Letting my inner wolf out, listening to Her, setting Her free. It is working. It is reflecting on and through my child. She is watching. My mirror. Thanks for the message dear Soul! Keeping it up and giving Her space shall be my strive. It needs ups and downs. It needs positive and negative. It shall bring the inner wolf to howl. Bring the change, Bring experience, Bring learning, Bring unexpected, unpredictable. May the little one continue watching me, when I fall down and get back up, break apart and build again. Stronger. More Fierce! Like a bone that breaks, where it grows back together it is the strongest. Let the old die and the new arise with an open mind. She is watching. I am setting Her free for her, to see and to learn to hear her She. May she learn to not fall under social standards for it’s acknowledgement. I shall continue setting Her free. My Her. The other me. She. The Wild Feminine. We are Her. She. We raise them. We were raised by them. I am my mother, Her, She, and I am mother, my daughter is me, She, and H/her. Come forth Wild Girl, Come forth Wild Woman, Come forth!!. Come on out. My daughter is watching. The next generation is watching. Now, Us, this generation. Let us call for Her, for She will respond, she is waiting, scraping her claws from the inside, howling to come out.

This is the new year. This is the new decade. This is it. A new, blank, clean page to create, to shift…

Here is to 2020.

I am super proud of you sweet child 🙂


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