Thinking: The Mindf@%#ery!

There are hundreds of blogs out there with the headline: “Don’t let your emotions overpower your intelligence!”. It kind of speaks for it self, the magnitude this phrase holds. But just because of it’s magnitude, it doesn’t mean it is automatically easy to live by.

People: The collective, we the people, all of us, we are drawn to wander, wonder, keeping our mind going. It can be negative, it can be positive. Either way, we think ourselves into things we are actually able to think around in circles, just to think ourselves out of it again. This is some madness sh!t, really?! I am good at this, superb to be exact. Unfortunately, even if we feed this scenario with a positive thought, we start creating expectations, without realizing, how we are actually setting ourselves up for disappointment. Turnouts are different than imagined and BAM! Slap in the face. Good morning sunshine 🙂

Considering this: If we realize entirely, how much our negative thoughts affect the creating of our lives -we manifest a negative attitude towards nearly everything we create, and live-, the cycle will be interrupted. Versus: We will never have enough, be enough, looking for more in all the wrong places.

If we can be still, breathe, looking at the here and now…

Inhaling through the nose, counting to 4, exhaling through the mouth, counting to 4. I imagine it like John Coffey in the book “The Green Mile”, how all the bad comes out of his mouth with nasty black flies…then inhale fresh again. Notice how all thoughts vanish the moment we focus on the breath. Something weirdly good happens and the mind is still. Our lungs fill with fresh air, expanding our rib cage, then feel the release by exhaling through the mouth, clearing the lungs out…and the mind. And then…’maybe, I could just switch around the meals for today and tomorrow, then I can fit in the grocery shopping today and save time…”or, “…but so and so has me so darn mad…”- It is back; The wandering mind is passing through this moment of stillness and peace. The feel good. This is what is so hard! For me, it goes back and forth, and back and forth…yaddi yaddi. I imagine blowing a little air ballon around the thought itself with the breath I exhale, I tie it, let it fly away… return to the breath. Ever since I started applying these little methods of finding the way back to the self, it seemed getting easier to handle things, and life. Slowly but surely, one step at a time. People trying to get under my skin, situations I just can’t change,… whatever it may be. It can be a struggle, many times I am not mindstrong at all and it’s ok as well. I pull back, not surrounded by people (usually I stay upstairs in our bedroom and start rearranging things, reorganizing, making it a little different – the bedroom is my sanctuary, this is where I recharge or regroup), feel and think through it, then eventually snap out of it and be done.

The more I do this, the more I practice being still through meditation, focusing on the breath, I realize how I learn to observe when my mind wanders. Witnessing what it’s currently doing leads me further towards accepting, it is made to wander, finding the strength to change it when returnig to the breath means I am starting to apply what I am learning. Witnessing consciousness. I love being a wanderer, a wonderer, a wonder. I love even more how I am learning (I’ve been working on this for five years now and still consider myself a beginner because of how up and down, back and forth my journey goes) how to make it go away (and how many ‘I’s’ there are alone in this paragraph 😉 ). What’s kind of cool about all of this is, once we realize these things we can’t unrealize them. So no matter how long the road is, it is really just an ongoing path of learning and unlearning in the present. THE BREATH! It’s THE super tool!

But it is hard. It’s so darn hard. Sometimes we have people in our lives that we are- or were very close to at some point. How do you not let your emotions overpower your intelligence? They make you sad or mad, sometimes both, they don’t want to see you happy or succeed and they don’t give a rats ass about anything you do or accomplish. That’s just one negative scenario again. See how this devilish trap works? No, let’s get back to the breath. Be content with what is, what is happening now and walk forward one step at a time. The past is what it is, we walk with it. The future is not here, we create it as we walk with our now. The good brings the good, the bad brings the bad. Karma! Focus on the good thoughts, find the good. You step in dog sh!t barefoot, you take a hose and spray off your foot. Done. Easy! While wearing shoes when stepping into a mine you need a brush and scrub in order to get all the crap out of the sole, the ridges and riffle things… the poop carries a not so lovely smell with it! Face it, it’s awkward. So here we have it, thought the self out of a negative into a positive.

Get the gist? It’s not worth it. Our energy, our time, our happy face and happy feel. If we keep practicing being mindfully mind empty and mindful, we are in it for the win! Last but not least–Note to self: Follow your own advice!

And as always:

Be kind! Do good! Take no sh!t- and have a marvelous day,


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