The Bowfam Magee Homestead

Our story:

Once upon a time….who am I kidding…this is happening NOW:

Last year January my husband Steve and I purchased our 21 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains, here in Western NC. The goal is to live up there, entirely off the grid, in wilderness- with our four children and animals. The timeframe we gave ourselves is 5 years.

So, how are we doing this thing called breaking out?

Not really so simple, maybe a little- but not so little work. It is a lot of work. We are ready and prepared and working on it constantly. What doesn’t seem like much progress is in deed quite some progress for us.

In our home in a little town, about 30 minutes away from our spot, living on a half acre, we try to supplement as much as we can from our garden, which is approximately 140 ft. by 35 ft.(currently serves for 1/4 of our veggies for the year, considering a 6 person household), rabbits, as well as the chicken that are soon to come. Steve is in the middle of building the new coop, as we tore the old one down. We have a rabbit barn with meat rabbits as a great protein source.

Our life basically consists of perpetual editing and readjusting according to our plans and projects, to learn and become better. Some plans happen, some are being revamped to fit our needs at that point and time. However, we are consistently moving forward on our journey. Sometimes it feels like a stand still, looking back, it never does stand still.

Our land has a non existing road which hasn’t been driven in over 40 years. Last year we hand dug for 30 hours in 3 days, to get our big truck up on the top of the ridge. What a milestone this was. We took a vehicle up there after building a bridge, digging trenches, hauling four tons of gravel up, chipping wood to fill ditches and washed out areas, cutting down branches and little trees that were simply in the way. No vehicle would make it up there. Our V10 has a 6 inch lift and tires big enough for a kid to hide behind them :). What a beast. Anyhow, it is plain wilderness. So exciting. For this year, our goal is to get the road finished to where we can drive it without having to start working on it every time we go up- yet, for no other vehicle to be able to drive up there. It’s all about the privacy and being left alone…living in peace, honestly.

The Bowfam Magee Homestead- everything pertaining to life here and now, the homestead we live on and currently run, the land project, the shop we created. It is our everything. Life happening, as is, in itself.

Beginning of this year, Steve made it possible for me to leave the corporate world. I am now a stay at home mom, wife, homesteader. While he works his ass off at his job, I stay here and take care of the home life. We are able to save nearly half of what used to be my income from my full time day job in after school child care expenses alone. We are able to raise our children according to our own morals and values, and we stay caught up on home life (chores, animals, garden), so we can work towards our goal together when he gets off work and on the weekends. My husband is my superman – warrior man, my rock and soul mate.

While being home, I try to find ways to generate income from my end as well. Now I bake homemade, organic dog treats, which we sell together at markets, fares, wherever we can vend with our little pop up shop. Currently I am working on sewing items that lead to an eco friendlier life, creating less waste, while Steve is creating items made from collectables from the land and animals. Stay tuned, they will all be added to our shop once final. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our delicious, nutritious dog and cat treats here, as well as updates on our journey:

Our four children, ranging between 8 and 16 years of age, are excited to be walking this path with us. Two more than the other, yet they all enjoy learning to make their ways around the woods, between leaves, snakes, bears, creeks, rocks, you name it. They are eager to become great hunters and learning survival skills.

So this is us, my family, my life. Breaking out, collecting experiences, learning life, and readapting to the actual real world. While I am jotting down my own ventures here, creating the new, feel free to swing by our pages on Facebook and Instagram at Bowfam Magee Homestead LLC, and the shop, link above. Enjoy the bumpy ride, and thanks for stopping by!

And as always:
Be kind! Do good! Take no sh!t – and have a marvelous day,


The most ‘road’ there is before heading up…
My life in one snapshot

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